Keynote #3 | Núria Salán

Dr. Núria Salán is professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and the current president of the Catalan Society of Technology.

Professor Salán completed her doctoral thesis in the field of materials science. She has participated in more than 25 research projects in the field of metallurgy; she has published more than 50 articles and 2 patents. In addition, she has taken part in numerous teaching innovation projects linked to the development and implementation of generic competencies in technical studies, or work and/or learning methodologies. She has received numerous awards both for her work in teaching innovation and in the dissemination of science and technology.

Professor Salán has participated in the promotion of girls and women in STEM disciplines at different educational levels, such as the creation of an M2M mentoring program for engineering students.

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The (in)visible ingenuity

In this talk, we would like to give visibility to the unknown scientific and technological discoveries made by women, hidden in mainstream history and disappeared from textbooks. While some male science celebrities have had good visibility on google, women who have made amazing contributions to our society and technology, are usually unknown. The lack of STEAM role model for girls is one of the main reasons of the “gender gap” in TECH-ICT vocations. “The (in)visible ingenuity” aims to highlight the talent of those female inventors, because of them we are helped by several things that we use daily, but unknown for majority of our society.